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Quarantine Date Ideas

It’s Friday! Usually, some couples would be using this night to go on a date, but with us being in quarantine, it’s a bit different. Most restaurants and bars are closed, and social venues are a no-go. Social distancing is being practiced everywhere. What can you do (especially if you have kids) for a date night? Here are a few ideas if you’re struggling:

- Rely on your “village” and become the “village”

The saying, “it takes a village”, specifically rings true during this time. Multiple scriptures talk

about how we are to give (Romans 12:13, Proverbs 3:27, Matthew 5:24), help others in need (Hebrews 13:16, Galatians 6:2, Exodus 17:12), and love each other (John 15:12, 1 John 4:19-20). During this time of quarantine and social distancing, be there for each other. If you have a neighbor, family member, or friend who you trust with your kiddos, offer to watch their kiddos one night a week in exchange for them to watch yours one night a week.

If you can afford to pay, pay your neighbors/friends/sitters to watch your kids. A lot of people will be hitting financial walls, and the extra income will be a huge blessing.

Grocery stores will be open during this time; go shopping for the week or even do a fun scavenger hunt with specific items that are hard to find in a store. (Bonus points if you find tissue paper!) Set a time limit, set a meet up point, give each other their list, and take off!

- Have an at-home date

If you don’t have anywhere to send your kids (or anyone to come and watch them), put them

to bed and have an in-home date! Here are some fun ideas to mix it up a bit:

Indoor camping

○ Set up a “teepee” or pillow fort; roast some food in tinfoil in the oven, roast

marshmallows over the stove, make s’mores, and play the newlywed game. Do a

puzzle. Go in the backyard and stargaze.

Escape Room

○ I know you’re thinking that escape rooms are a no-go. But you can do one in your home! Groupon has a special where you can do an in-home escape room (app supported). It’s $2 for 4 separate games. Race each other to see whose wit will win out in the end!

Grab the deal here: ​

Virtual cooking class

○ Want to learn how to make something special? Join a virtual cooking class and

enjoy time together in the kitchen. Afterwards, bring out the candles, fine china,

and enjoy your meal together.

Themed night

○ Obsessed with Disney? Love the 80’s? Wish you were a celebrity? Plan a themed night: what you will wear, activities, food, and even a movie to round the night off.

Workout date

○ Lots of sites have reduced or free subscriptions for workouts at this time. Take advantage and plan a night where you work out together, cook a healthy meal, and then workout your spirit by having a devotional time while you eat.

- Plan a family date night

Let your kiddos see that you value date nights, and include them in some! Have a family

night: cook dinner together and eat together, play a board game of charades. Or let your kids plan what you will do. Kids’ imaginations are so wild; they will sometimes come up with the most outrageous but fun things for all of you to do!

During this time, make sure that you’re keeping those relationships strong! Praying for each of you! We will get through this: God is with us, and where He is, there can be no fear!

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